Newborn Gadget Must-Haves

Ok, the only thing you really "must have" for your newborn is a warm place to sleep and milk to eat (add in the occasional diaper change). But, by way of making life easier for the new mommy and daddy, here are some of my suggestions to those coming along after me in the parenting arena. Most of these things were either suggested or given to me by veteran moms. Don't underestimate the wisdom of someone that's been there before you! It can save you from some unneeded stress.

Boppy pillow: Don't get the off-brand "Nursing Pillow", as it isn't nearly as big and up-to-snuff. I also appreciated the My Breast Friend pillow at first, but found the Boppy to ultimately be my choice for comfort and ease of use.

Zutano booties: I have yet to see a normal pair of baby socks not be kicked off in about 2 seconds. The Zutano booties are basically socks that can't be kicked off. Genius.

MAM pacifiers: Before you go out and buy every pacifier available to find the best, just start with the MAM. My sweet baby prefers these, and they also have some sort of grippy stuff on the nipple part that apparently keeps it from falling out as much as the others. When you aren't putting the paci back in for the hundredth time in the night, you will thank me.

One-handed trash can: I originally got the Diaper Genie, thinking I would just refill it with normal bags, as the regular ones are way too expensive to keep up with. Let's just say it was more hassle than it was worth, unfortunately. I ended up getting a bathroom size trashcan with a motion sensor, and it is perfect.

Onesies: Go ahead and buy all of those adroable outfits for your new little one, but be aware that your baby will most likely live in onesies. Stock up on about 10-15 onesies in each size, and that'll take you far.

Rock 'N Play: I love this thing, that's all I can say. And so does sweet baby. She actually sleeps in it at night too, and it helps her not lose her milk as much.

Sleep Sheep: This cute noise machine is da bomb. Most of the day it is on, and I even like the sounds. 

Carseat clips: What a great invention. Someone thought to make magnet clips to hold the carseat straps to the side while you place baby in. Brilliant.

Moby-style wrap: I have one called Lillebaby that is a lighter material, but regardless, baby falls asleep almost instantly in this thing. It's a very handy trick to have up your sleeve, say, during a church service or something!

OXO wipes container: I found that the wipes containers that come with the wipes dry them out. The OXO container is hearty, and well thought-out.

PUJ infant bathtub: Again, the minds that come up with these things are amazing. It is just so handy with a very new and floppy baby.

Other than that, it you have about 10 burp cloths and 10 bibs, you should be pretty well on your way to having an easier time with your infant. Oh, and if your baby has tummy issues, consider probiotic drops to help correct it, or even Gripe Water as a short term solution. Have fun, and veteran mommy's feel free to comment with any of your newborn gadget must-haves!


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