Reverse Racism

I read a statement in an article the other day that talked about the absence of grace in our culture, and it was specifically referring to how many blacks are mad at whites these days: 

"In this present climate there is no possibility of ever doing enough penance for what your great-granddaddy allegedly did. Or even not your great-granddaddy but a person of his pigmentation from some other vilified European country."

The point is that there is a sort of "reverse racism" that is becoming accepted in our culture, as if a black person hating a white person is different than a white person hating a black person. The blacks (and I recognize this doesn't include all blacks in our nation) feel justified in their hatred, and the whites feel as if they must take it. I hate racism of any sort. I don't feel the slightest hesitation to say it plainly: I am not racist. Yet sometimes I feel the snarls of certain black groups and people, simply because of my paler skin pigmentation. As the quote above states, I cannot do enough to make up for my pale ancestors' bad actions. I have wracked my brain on how to make amends and make these certain blacks feel like they aren't any different, but to do so would be to actually treat them differently, and coddle in a way I wouldn't coddle others. Is that what they want? If so, I don't think it would be healthy. 

Treating Whites Poorly

My friend was recently at a Burger King in the St. Louis airport. She told me, whispering into the phone, that she was surrounded by an angry group of white people. Want to know why? The Burger King was run by all black people, and they were making all of the white customers wait a ridiculously long time for their food, but the black customers got their orders right away. My friend called it "reverse racism," which is where I first heard the term coined. Sometimes, as a white person, you just get this sense that black people are mad at you for simply being white. Whatever name you call it, I hate racism in any form, and that goes both ways.

Separating the Colors

I wouldn't even write about this sore subject, but I see it creeping up as acceptable everywhere these days, the idea that blacks despising whites is ok in some way. There's always an excuse, but it has the same negative effect: separating the colors even further. I saw a show the other day that was literally called something about black people living green. Can you imagine if we had a show for just white people living green? Also, today I came across an advertisement for a photography company that only photographs black pregnant women, as if they are distinctive from white pregnant women. These types of separations only work to make black people more secluded from the whites, and feel more justified in treating whites poorly. 

To see it more clearly as a unique problem within our nation, consider the UK. Something interesting I've observed is that blacks and whites date and intermingle very easily in the UK (check out Adele's Hello video, or Ed Sheeran's Shape of You), but you almost never see a biracial couple on American television. And I don't just think it's the whites that might feel a little uncomfortable with it. Heck, there are whole channels and awards ceremonies devoted to black people here. Talk about feeding the separation! It doesn't help anything to leave whites out.

Calling it Out

Like I said, I hate racism, and that means in any form. I have black friends, and I don't think of them as any different than my white friends. I think that's what our society really needs more of. Not coddling of a certain race, or excluding and making a certain race pay penance, but equal treatment of THE human race. That means black people should be treated well, but also whites. I refuse to be bullied, just because I'm not black. Racism, in any form, should be called out.


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