Maternity Clothes - When You're Real Big

(Ok, I mainly put that picture to be funny. No pregnant woman in her right mind would choose to wear shoes like that when she's feeling so uncomfortable and unbalanced!)

At the beginning of my second trimester I had written a post about what to shop for in the way of maternity clothes. Well, you live, get bigger, and learn that one shopping trip doesn't do you for all of pregnancy. What feels good at one stage does not at a later one. So, here I am, 37 weeks into the baby-making gig, and I have some new clothing suggestions for the first-time mommy. One thing to note is that nothing non-maternity is likely to fit in the later stages of pregnancy(except the underwear, and we'll get to that). Let's start from the top down.

My sister-in-law gave me a bunch of her used maternity t-shirts at the beginning of my second trimester, and I have rarely taken them off. They are comfortable, and I feel like I look decent in them. Here's an example, although you can find them at most stores that carry maternity clothes. Just stock up; you won't regret it. In general though, anything that isn't tight is a win when you're feeling very large and in charge.

As far as tank tops, this one is amazing. So soft, and cut just perfectly.

Once I discovered this bra I have never looked back. I was amazed at how much that region....increased! Buy a couple in your current size, and continue to do so as you grow. When your girls are comfy, you are comfy. They also provide nice support and shape under clothing.

One thing to note that has changed since my first post is the style of maternity pants I prefer. When your stomach is huge, the full panel feels so much better than the side panels. I have lived in these capris for the past couple of trimesters. Get a couple pairs. They also come in a shorts option.

Full panel skirts feel great when your tummy is huge. I also suggest having a few cute/comfy dresses to throw on a moment's notice. 

For a really cute dress, PinkBlushMaternity gets my vote. They are quality dresses, although a bit pricier. But I consider it worth investing in at least one for a photo shoot, baby shower, or Sundays. They know how to make a pregnant woman feel pretty and comfortable at the same time.

To be honest, I've just increased the size of my underwear as the war to hold fat wages on, and it has worked fine. For the record though, I did get one pair of maternity underwear, because I was trying to add something cheap on to get free shipping, and they are my favorites now. So, do what you will in this area. I'm too cheap to shell out more money for the expensive maternity underwear though. Whatever you buy though, make sure it is low cut. Your belly won't allow for anything else.

Most nights, I end up with just one of those t-shirts I mentioned before on and undies. Pregnancy makes you feel like an oven, and you definitely aren't concerned about looking cute at this stage. My robes don't even fit anymore, so I've got to think of what I'll do when I have a guest staying over next week...

I've discovered my ankle socks don't fit my swollen ankles anymore: happy day ;) But, I am having a summer baby, so I will just make due for now.

Summer baby=flip flops, but make sure they have good support. Backless sandals are just nice for feet that are puffy, and it's especially nice to not have to attempt crazy gymnastics (i.e. bend over) when you have a basketball attached to your front-side. I'm not sure what the winter ladies resort to when it comes to shoes.

Alright, now to my lovely ladies that have been there and done that. Do you concur? Would you add any sage advice?


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