Loving Hormonal Wives

I wrote this to be somewhat silly, but then got choked up as I was reading over it. I guess we can blame it on the hormones ;)

An ode to the husbands that live with their​ wives
As they go through the natural changes of life.

They all get involved without realizing,
Their ladies have hormones that can be paralyzing.

The girls don't understand it themselves,
Yet their men love with a love outside of themselves.

Whether it's monthly, babies, or that change in life,
Emotion runs rampant for his helpless wife.

She doesn't realize she's treating him bad,
Or taking offense, so easily sad.

But the guys love their wives and so want to be,
The steady rock that she obviously needs.

And though he's frustrated as she once again cries,
He patiently holds her and tries to be nice.

And soon she is laughing and moving on,
With a reeling husband feeling anything but strong.

But what he doesn't know is happening,
Is fulfilled promises made with the ring.

He's giving what she needs from him:
A strong love that doesn't stop on a whim.

He's proving she can trust him for life
As he learns to love well a hormonal wife.


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