Setting Up the Next Generation

"Rain, rain go away
Come again another day.

Rain, rain go away
Little Johnny wants to play."

Sometimes when I get a glimpse of the downward circle that our culture seems to be headed, I selfishly think that I sure am glad new ideas take a while to become reality. Most likely, there are many scary things that my current generation won't have to face that the next will. It's a terrible way of thinking, and it doesn't really bring comfort when I think about my children continuing on in the trouble, or how I want God's glory to reign on earth, even if I'm not around to obtain the benefits. Frankly, our culture has faced such a deep downward spiral in the past 10 years or so that I don't even get the benefit of selfishly thinking I'll get to bypass it. At this rate, Social Security running out is a seed my generation will reap. The degradation of allowing same-sex marriage was one of the first tilting dominos in a war on sexuality that is effecting even our children now, not even being allowed to rejoice in their given sexuality without input from a radical agenda. And these things are even tempting the church to concede to them as I'm writing. "Tolerance" has caused my generation to produce gutless millennials that think the "mushy middle" is the appropriate place to be. To stand on convictions is seen as bigoted, and to follow what the Bible actually says is considered idiotic and not cool. We've become a generation that thinks we like to believe something, as long as it means everyone is right.

I can't hope that trouble will come another day, because it is already here, flashing its fists before my face. Maybe I could look at previous generations and wish they hadn't coasted as much and let the next generation deal with the looming problems. Maybe they could've made a difference if they had been more convicted and persistent to speak out when they saw problems arising. I don't know if they did their best to not push off the problems for another generation; only they can know that. What I can be sure of is what I'm doing in my generation. Am I falling into the easy, likable "mushy middle", not ruffling any feathers? Am I allowing truth to be walked on in the name of "peace"? Am I setting up the next generation to have a hard line to walk, feeling somewhat alone as they begin their fight against evil?


Am I setting up the next generation to be encouraged by those that went before them to fight for what matters? Am I paving a way that will make it easier for them to be heard, and not to be looked at as not even having a dog in the fight? Am I solving problems now so that they won't escalate beyond control for those following behind? Am I providing them with resources to help truth triumph and churches to thrive? In essence, am I being a champion of the faith that acts on my convictions right now, regardless of how bigoted or intolerant I may seem to my current generation? 

It's tempting to coast and not consider the next generation. Being a person of conviction is uncomfortable, and doesn't make many friends. But I want to be more than what is easy, and to think of others before myself. So, by God's grace, I'll keep working at setting up the next generation to thrive. Will you join me?


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