The Perpetual Quest to be Skinny and Muscular

It is no secret that in our culture it is "in" to be thin and muscular right now as a female. Most of us, if we are being honest, are constantly attempting to emulate a teenage girl's undeveloped body (adding a 6-pack to the mix), even though we are well into womanhood. The curves that come with growing up with an abundance of estrogen aren't as accepted in our society, so we fight them. We don't really like what we see in the mirror, so we subconsciously attempt to eat in order to fit into our fella's jeans, completely ignoring the fact that God made us with wider hips, not to mention we are the gender that prefers to store more fat than muscle. We work out harder; we eat less. Our time is taken up with the endless pursuit of looking like something our bodies don't want to be. Our minds are consumed with it from the time we are teenagers first getting those subtle curves. Whatever it takes to get rid of that stored fat is what drives us, even in later womanhood. And we're only appeased when our love handles, cellulite, and thighs that touch are non-existent... oh, and our biceps are as big as the guys (to all of which we never attain). In other words, few women in this country are satisfied with the way they look, regardless of being healthy or not.

I would never tell you that it's ok to go to the other extreme by saying being overweight and flabby is a good thing. It's not. Not only is it unhealthy, but carrying excess fat also takes up unnecessary time and money. Although, I don't completely blame people that struggle with being overweight in this country. The food that is easily available to us is high in calories, in general, and our lifestyles create some effort to get in exercise. Not to mention, our lives are largely overly busy. It takes thought and effort to not fall into the overweight category, but we really should put in the effort. But that's not my point in this article. The point is that women in our country tend to view their bodies as not good enough, even if they are a healthy weight.

I would like to make a point that, even at my thinnest and most fit, I thought I could stand to lose weight and firm up. It's very hard to think objectively about your own body, even though others are thinking you look far too thin. My granny would tell me I was too thin, and I would be thinking that she hadn't seen me in a bikini. My butt still had fat on it that could go away. And now, as I sit here big and pregnant, far heavier than I was at that time, with hips that keep expanding and other parts that I don't even recognize, I realize how ridiculous I was. You know what I was trying to do? I was trying to lose the very curves that made me a woman. I was trying to revert back to the teenage body I once knew, and that society tells me I should have even when I'm 30. But, you know what? Experience has taught me otherwise. My body prefers to store fat, rather than the amount of muscle that men's bodies store. It wants to create and sustain a little baby, and it's designed and has been working towards that, even before I got pregnant. 

Ladies, let's face it. We were made to have hips, thighs, and breasts with fat on them. Even a little arm fat is not out of the question when thinking about a healthy body. Each of us stores fat in different ways, but that's just the science behind being a woman and having the ability to nourish another human being with our bodies. And, let's not forget another little fact: most guys find soft curves attractive. Why are we trying to be more attractive to our guy by the perpetual quest to be skinny and muscular? Let your body be what it was made to be, and stop fighting it for this skewed version of what beautiful is. Sure, we need to eat well and exercise. But let's start attempting to see the beauty in the way God made us, adult women with curves.


  1. Yeah for remembering and stating truth. As I am working to return my body to strength after baby again, I keep having to remind myself that God designed my body to do what it is doing, to loose fat store and return tone gradually. Healing takes time. Those fat stores don't melt off instantlly, because series they are needed. I am still growing a baby just as much now as before she was born. I need those fat stores because some days, I don't get enough to eat. Not because I am trying to loose weight but because I am too preoccupied and stressed to eat well. Sometimes I forget to eat because I have so many other things going on.
    In the meantime, I rarely feel beautiful. In my eyes, I don't look beautiful. Thankfully I know beauty is much more than appearance. Thankfully I have a husband who loves me for who I am and sees me as beautiful even I have post baby belly, DR, muffin top, and wrinkles.
    But it remains. The desire to be stonger, leaner, tighter, firmer. Thankfully, as I get older, I have more to think about, more that matters more. Maybe I am just more practical. Form follows function.


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