If Babies in the Womb Were Toddlers

Even in the best circumstances, having a baby is a brave thing. As I sit here writing this, big and pregnant, I know this well. We have 9+ months to look forward to what we hear is a very painful exit of a 7-ish pound baby from our bodies. In the meantime, we get to watch our bodies slowly change and morph into something less than fitting for a runway model. Beyond that, there is the fear of the unknown with the future of this baby that is your, and your husband's, sole responsibility. Your whole life will be rearranged, and money is needed to keep everything going. 

Add to all of those anxieties a less than perfect situation going into pregnancy, and it takes bravery to a new level. I have been enjoying reading pregnancy forums online since being pregnant, where pregnant women get together to talk about what they are going through on a daily basis. Usually it's silly talk or medical questions, but sometimes it gets deeper. My eyes have been opened to some of the situations women are facing that are making them consider having an abortion, because they ask the others in the forum what they should do. Some women don't have stable men (or any partner at all) to help them raise the baby. Some have families that don't think they are old enough to handle it. Some don't have an education in order to make decent money to support the baby in the way they'd like to. Some have pressure from their partners that it's not the right time to have a baby. Others find out that their baby has issues, and wonder if they should just "call it quits". When I think about these women, I feel for them. They are faced with hard situations to which there isn't an easy answer. But, there's always one answer I feel confident in giving: do not end your baby's life with abortion, no matter what circumstance makes you feel like it's necessary. It's murder.

I realize many choose to believe that babies in the womb aren't human yet... or something, but we know that the baby has a heartbeat at about 3 weeks in the womb. That's before we even know that we're pregnant. And we can even hear that heartbeat through ultrasound not long after that. Technology has a way of not letting us keep our eyes closed to truth.

The Toddler Scenario

One example that I think is particularly helpful when considering abortion, is to compare the baby in your womb to a toddler. Take any argument you might make for having an abortion, and apply it to if you had a toddler running around your feet. Would you murder your toddler out of convenience or because they got really sick? Would you choose to end their life because of pressure from your family or partner? Would you think it's ok to kill them because money was low and you couldn't give them the life you wanted? It's ludicrous, I hope to you as well, to even consider doing so in any situation I could come up with... even if it was legal. The choice is not ours to end our children's lives, nor should it be.

So, if you are that woman that is struggling with knowing what to do about your unborn baby, think about the toddler scenario. Your baby in your womb is living, and is depending on you to take care of it, even now. Don't dull your mind into believing what popular culture is telling you that you should, that it's only a bag of cells. I know you are smarter than that. It takes bravery to have a baby. Be brave.


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