Best Inventions Ever! #pregnancycomfort

It seems like with each week that passes in pregnancy, I keep finding myself saying, "Oh my gosh, this is the best invention ever!" And it's never about the same things. I've found this occurs because pregnancy takes your body and twists and wrangles it until one day, 9-10 months later *POP out comes a baby! We get a wonderful little baby out of it, but the process can leave one a little harried. I decided to begin writing down some of my "best invention ever" discoveries for mommies coming after me to not have to do as much trial and error as I did in the pursuit of pregnancy comfort.

Morning Sickness
  • Sea Bands
  • Ginger drops (I've also heard Preggie Pops work great, but I couldn't find them at Walmart when I looked.) 
  • Teddy Grahams 
  • Cheese Sticks
Helpful hint: keep protein, dairy, carbs, and water in your belly at all times to help satiate the morning sickness beast. Consider a gummy prenatal while your morning sickness is at its worst. They seem to be easier on the stomach.

Ever-Widening Hips
The roll top is incredibly comfortable.

Huge Boobs
Seriously, you'll never look back. Good shape, and extremely comfortable!

Itchy Tummy (from stretching)
It has vitamin E, so it also is supposed to help heal stretch marks.

Sleeping Woes
I'm a back sleeper, so when I was told not to sleep on my back it was hard to transition. This pillow helped.

  • Tums 
Don't go anywhere without these.

  • Tylenol
  • Robitussin 
  • Humidifier
Wedding Ring
It's silicone, so it stretches. And it's inexpensive. For some reason, my skin started having a reaction to the metal in my normal wedding ring, not to mention that it was getting hard to take off.

  • Praise music/think about Scripture
  • Walks in the sunshine
  • Talk to another preggo.
  • Recognize you're moody, and try to bless the people around you instead of wanting to strangle them.
Peeing When You Laugh/Sneeze
  • Kegal exercises everyday
  • Don't go more then two hours without using the bathroom.
I seriously sneezed at the library the other day and had pee running down my leg. Not cool. Pregnant women need to be aware! 

Pregnancy Info
I love reading the weekly baby updates, as well as the mommy forums in the "Community" section. 
It's a good go-to book.

Sun Spots
My skin is prone to freckling, but pregnancy apparently intensifies that, as well as making the skin more sensitive. I got a nice new spot on my cheek recently. I was told to wear at least an SPF 50, but it made me break out like crazy. I discovered putting it over my other lotion and foundation was the trick. And don't get it in your eyes!

AND my number one recommendation for pregnancy woes is...
  • Rest!
I'm sure my list will grow exponentially as I traverse through my third trimester. What are some of your favorite prenatal relief items? 


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