Let's Talk About the Media

We all get our news from somewhere, whether we search it out or not. I'm personally of the opinion that we have a responsibility to seek out honest news, before the dishonest stuff reaches our ears and we haven't formed an opinion yet. Where do you get your news? This is an especially important question right now, as our country is highly divided, and most media sources are being shown as untrustworthy and extremely biased. Personally, when I look for a trusted news source, I know I want it to be as unbiased as possible, but if it could come from Christians that would be even better. 

I watched the presidential inauguration on one of our free antenna channels (ABC), not realizing at first it was known as a liberal station. It didn't take me long to figure that out though. I was amazed at how they were able to appeal to me on certain levels that I wouldn't have leaned previously. The media has a great power to sway people by twisting words and making things appear in the particular light that they prefer. And the known conservative network (FOX) isn't any better. Media has a massive area of influence, and I believe has a greater accounting to God because of it. I hate to say it, but it is obvious to me which Christians regularly get their news from liberal outlets. They always tend to be pushing conservative ideas further towards liberal thinking, and are quick to sympathize with liberal causes. We are influenced, whether we like to admit it or not.

It is easy to sway someone towards our opinion; it is harder to remain true to facts. So, now's the time that I will introduce the news source that I trust, and believe is doing a good job of sticking to facts. I encourage you to check out World News Group. They are a Christian organization that tends to be conservative, and I have found them to be unbiased in how they report information. In case you are worried, no, they did not support Trump, as a whole, during the election time, and the editors eventually even called for him to step down before he was stated as the winning candidate. So, how's that as unbiased conservative for you? I personally trust the news that I get from them. Their podcast keeps me up-to-date each morning, and their website is updated all day long. Also, my husband reads their bi-monthly magazine each night in bed. Go here for a free trial 3 month membership: https://world.wng.org/getworldnow

I also invite you to share the news source that you trust with me (and those reading this blog post). I would love to know of more that are unbiased and trustworthy. Do you rely on Facebook for your news updates? I'm not going to shame you, but I will suggest that you probably aren't getting reliable news. Make efforts to find a news group that you trust. Our worldview is shaped by the media more than we realize, so don't let this part of your life just go with the flow. 


  1. Nice to have a good news source!!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. cnsnews.com is one i just discovered, not sure how conservative it is, but i think i may have gotten the reference from a world article? it would be one to check into...thanks for the podcast idea, didn't realize they did that!


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