How Men Think About Women

As a single woman, I thought I knew how men thought about women. I'm not sure why, but I figured they just viewed women the same way that women do. But, being married now for a little while, I'm finding there are some distinct differences, at least coming from my husband's perspective. Let me generalize by naming a few:

1) Skinny isn't necessarily what's attractive, curves are. I'm not sure why most women strive to be skinny, thinking this is the epitome of beautiful, but I have become pleasantly surprised to find that a woman with a little meat on her bones is actually what's preferred. 

2) Healthy is the most important aspect of a woman's body. My husband doesn't like the idea of me being overweight or underweight. He's not too picky beyond that. He's less shallow than I gave him credit for at the beginning. He cares that I'll be around for him and our kids as the years go by. 

3) One of the most annoying sounds to a man is when women get together and giggle and talk non-stop, loudly. I didn't realize women had this tendency when they got together, but if Aaron and I are walking through a store and we walk past a loud group of girls, I can just see him bristle. Have you ever considered why men aren't into the show Gilmore Girls, but women love it? I attribute it to this weird phenomena, the divide of the sexes, which is fast-talking, high pitched females. It speaks to women, it drives men batty. 

4) At the same time, a woman that embraces her femininity is much more preferred to a tomboy. If your fella wanted to marry a male, he would've. Be a lady.

5) Men like having a woman take care of them. While women enjoy being provided for, it is comforting to a man to have his woman take care of him. Cleaning, cooking, back rubs, encouragement after work... these are all things that single men don't get. It helps our men to flourish when they know they are taken care of at home. 

6) A kind personality is what hits the spot. A bossy, nagging woman is a huge turn-off. (Lord, help me!)

7) It tears him apart when I cry. That's just the truth.

That's all I can think of for now. Have you noticed any tendencies in your man towards how he thinks about that strange opposite sex, known as women?


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