Blog Response Etiquette

I realize I, as the blogger, carry most of the responsibility when it comes to thinking about what I say and how I react on here. I know my information should be accurate, I shouldn't go off on a rant, and each article should be helpful and God-glorifying. But you, my reader, also have a few responsibilities. Here are a few that come to mind:

1) Read if it interests you; respond if you feel like it. I don't have any expectations here. I realize that what I write may not appeal to many people. My main objective is to only write when I feel somewhat passionately about something. and if I feel I can be a help to someone.

At the same time, if you respond positively to one of my articles, I might be tempted to think you are my best friend that week. Little things can mean a lot to a little blogger in the vast Internet world.

2) "Likes" aren't necessary, but they are appreciated. I am past the point of deciding if my blog will continue based on how much attention it gets. I know I must write what's on my heart, and if no one acknowledges it, I will continue as long as I feel like I have something helpful to say. That being said, I have to admit that it sucks to spend time on an article that no one reads, so acknowledgement every now and then definitely doesn't hurt. Admittedly, each "like" or encouragement on an article gives me a little sunburst of joy, and tells me my work isn't in vain in this area. It's really nice to feel appreciated! 

3) If you only show up to criticize, it makes me very wary of you. If you criticize sometimes, and encourage others, I will respect you. That shows you're taking the time to actually consider what I'm saying in each particular article. Either way, as Trump says, all publicity is good publicity, so even negativity encourages others to read my articles, so I can't complain.

4) Last, but certainly not least: Please read the entire article before commenting. I've done this before, so I don't judge you when you're tempted to give your opinion before you've even read mine, but it is doing the blogger an injustice. I know I spend quite a bit of time thinking out exactly how to say something, and sometimes the article title is misleading. Read it all before you tell me what you think. It's only courteous. 


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