Each Man is Unique

As a single woman, I had ideas about how men were. I easily lumped them up into pre-made categories, and thought I knew what to expect when choosing a spouse and marrying. But I was wrong. I didn't give God enough credit for how He magnificently makes each creature unique and interesting. Sure, guys do have some general qualities that tend to be in common; just as women tend to be more of the caretakers, guys tend to be more in tune to providing for the family. God set us up to function well together. But personalities and life experiences make people so much more than those things. For example, my brother loves to cook and come up with creative dishes, while my husband is lucky to be alive after eating spaghetti his entire single adult life. And that's what I learned well after marrying my husband. Each man is unique.
  • My husband is smart, and is interested in how things work. I could've cared less about touring a factory as a single woman, but that's a common practice we have now, and I actually enjoy it. He makes me see things from a different perspective. He designs light fixtures for a living, and now I find myself almost teary-eyed when I encounter a good design on a household item. I am beginning to see God's handiwork in creating creative beings that use their talents well. He makes me appreciate more.
  • My husband is elated when he does a good job, and feels terrible when he messes something up. This is something this newly-married girl had to learn. He can fly to the moon when I notice how well he's done something. He also can feel like the worst person on the earth if I tell him he's doing something badly. Marriage is such a sensitive thing, and we each have power to hurt or heal our spouse. That's why noticing the good things should be about 10 to 1 to noticing the bad things. I never realized my husband would be so affected by a job done well or poorly. I have to use to my hippy powers to help him let loose, and convince him it's not such a big deal sometimes. 
  • My husband is gracious. Why does my husband act like I have no flaws? I have no idea, but it wasn't something I was expecting coming into marriage. Maybe he is particularly humble or hasn't taken his rose-colored glasses off yet, but he hasn't been hard on me like I imagined marriage would bring out. He makes me want to follow his example, and be gracious.
  • And, last but not least, he gives me frequent back rubs. Haha, ok, this is a silly one, but it's a great perk of being married to him! I just have to give him a good head rub every now and then.
If you're a single lady, you probably don't realize how much marriage to a fella can enrich your life. I'm not saying get desperate and go marry anyone, but when that right person comes along, don't hesitate so much to make a lifelong commitment. By entangling your life with a worthy man, you will be given greater perspective, learn to appreciate God's design better, and be loved in a way you hadn't before. You'll learn God's choice of you in a special way, because this unique, wonderful person has chosen to love you. Yes, little ol' you. And it'll take a lifetime to comprehend that kind of love.


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