Tandoori Chicken

There are few recipes I have encountered that call for food coloring to be added to meat. Such a thought is strange, as well as slightly repulsive. But, after obliging and actually making the odd orange-colored concoction, I suddenly didn't care that I was doing art with my food. It was delicious! Some tandoori chicken recipes will call for red chili powder, paprika, and turmeric in place of the food coloring to add the beautiful orange hue, which might be a better, more natural, route. But, the two things that absolutely make this dish are marinating the chicken in the yogurt, and the garam masala spice. Wow, my tongue was intrigued! I made my own garam masala by following this recipe: 3 parts coriander & cinnamon, 1 part cumin & cloves, ½ part cardamom & pepper. Add to that the brightness of the lemon juice and the char from the grill, and you have an adventure for your taste-buds.

Here is the recipe I made, but you might want to try one without food coloring. I served it with this cucumber onion recipe, and they paired well. Give tandoori chicken a try, and have a cultural food experience that will let you experience the flavors of India!


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