Humor is Good

I'm a big proponent of humor. My family is known to be laughing more than talking at family gatherings, and my dad and brother are about the biggest jokesters I know. My advice for new couples is generally the same, "Don't take yourselves too seriously." I believe humor can combat would-be arguments by just lightening up the situation and realizing things aren't as dire as you might like to believe in the moment. My husband has the greatest laugh, and it is one of my favorite things to take his normally serious personality and make him lighten up. He thanks me for helping him in this area. If you're a person that refuses to joke around, and insists on being constantly serious and melancholy, you're not doing anyone any favors. We all know that life is full of hard things that require serious reflection, but that's why humor is so needed. We need humor so we don't get bogged down with the worries and trials of life. I believe laughter is a God-given gift. 

Having said that, there are times when humor is inappropriate, and doesn't serve the situation well. Here are some ways:

1) Getting onto Someone
If you need to rebuke someone, just do it. Don't joke around with the person while occasionally inserting a way that they're failing. That just leaves them confused about what just happened. Be straight-forward, so that you can once again joke around with them after you've had that important conversation.

2) Don't Joke about God
It's becoming a thing to use humor when it comes to our Savior, in a sort of buddy-buddy way. What I don't like about this is that the reverence due to Him is missing. It might seem cool for someone to be on such easy terms with our God, but I don't think it's honoring to call Jesus your homeboy, and crack "Jesus" jokes. Once, as a teen, I made a joke about Jesus to a friend. She immediately said, "Melissa, don't say that!" I felt rebuked. I hadn't been saying anything bad about Jesus, but I had brought Him down to our level, without any reverence, and she understood that wasn't right.

3) Be Serious when Needed
You are just using humor as a security blanket if you can't respond to serious situations in a serious way. If someone is telling you their dad died and you find that to be a good time to try to "lighten the situation," you should probably take a step back and think about why you don't have a serious side as well. Don't let humor be your only go-to. Mourn with those who mourn.

4) Humor doesn't Cover a Bad Attitude
Lastly, if you're not a nice person, humor is just annoying. Humor is a poor cover for a bad attitude, so make sure your heart is in the right place before trying to make someone laugh. Otherwise, they'll probably just feel like the joke is on them, and not find it very funny. 

Don't let humor be your only language, but do let it have a place in your life. Used correctly, it can make life easier and more fun. Let your sense of humor show that you can loosen your grip. Then maybe people will see that you are a real person, and will lighten up enough around you to start talking about things that really matter.


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