Consistent Baby Steps

As I've said before, exercising and healthy bodily habits can be translated as lessons for our spiritual life. We know we need to eat good things on a regular basis in order to stay healthy. In the same way, we need to take in God's Word regularly in order to be spiritually healthy. There are many connections that can be made through exercise and our spiritual lives, and today I want to focus on consistency, and not letting a rut keep you from achieving more goals.

Sometimes life gets busy and we find our healthy habits of exercise and eating right get put on the wayside. We usually don't realize it until the scale blatantly reminds us or when running for two minutes through an airport feels like a half marathon. Unfortunately, those things are what have reminded me recently of the need to get back on the healthy bandwagon. 

Often, when we see that we've gotten into a rut, we are tempted to feel hopeless and wallow in our despair, thinking we'll never be able to change. But I've been doing this exercise thing long enough to know that results are always achievable. All it takes is baby steps in the right direction and consistency. So, here I am, jogging a third of what I once did, lifting a pathetic amount of weight, and saying "no thanks" to a dessert here and there. But I'm not going to let myself get down about it. I know that if I'm consistent, regardless of an occasional lazy or bad eating day, I will be able to do more, and eventually will start seeing real results.

And that's what translates over to other parts of our lives. Have you gotten into a rut spiritually? Start the baby steps of reading and meditating on a verse each day. Pray for your husband as he heads off to work. Ask God to change you more into His image (God's, not your husband's ;p). And let the "consistent baby steps" method guide you in your relationships. Do you feel lonely? Call someone, even if you haven't in a while. Do you want more Christian community in your life? Search out another couple to start a small group with. Do you feel overly busy? Set aside a particular half hour each day to not be busy. Do you wish you were more loving? Ask God to help you in that area, and then go say something nice to someone in your life.

Ruts can make us feel somewhat worthless and hopeless, causing us to forget that change is always possible. But don't let yourself only look at the here and now. Believe that God is gracious and hears us when we cry out for help. He is a God of hope, not despair. Who knows what good changes you can make by looking forward with hope? All you have to do is start taking those consistent baby steps in the right direction.


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