Stepping Out of the Bubble

Living as Christians in this fallen world can take some mindful navigating. We're tempted to act as if we are in heaven, and never venture outside of our Christian bubble, but that isn't what we've been called to do. We aren't called to ignore unbelievers, but to live among them and reach out to them. Sure, we all need a haven to be able to recoup, but we are recouping for a reason. There's a big world out there that has Satan as it's master, and God wants us to be the light in the dark.

Sometimes we separate ourselves without even realizing it. If we are homeschooled or go to a Christian school and then on to a Christian college, and later on work in a mostly Christian environment, then it can be hard to be in the world. Our social circles are from church. Our vacations are to conferences or mission trips, filled with Christian people, and when we stop to look around, everyone we know or have ever known at any deeper level is Christian. Maybe that's an exaggeration for some, but I bet there are elements that are true for you. 

Why wouldn't we want to make up our lives around Christians? They are generally more gracious, because they are called to be by God, and they are an encouragement as we press through this weary land. But there's just more at stake than our own souls. There is a world that is not giving God glory, on their way to hell, and we've been told to share the good news of Jesus' death to save sinners (Mark 16:15). And that doesn't just mean sharing with people we don't really know. It's the nitty gritty sharing, day in and out, spending time with unbelievers so they can see how we live our life. The good conversations generally only come when we're at a deeper level with people. Our empathy for people can only grow when we know what they've gone through, and how messed up life can really get.

I'm not saying to avoid Christians. I see the good in homeschooling and Christian education. I understand that we all need a little respite, and I believe that's what meeting together at church is about. Maybe working with other Christians is the breather you need in your life right now, and that's fine. I've been there. I'm also not saying that spending all of our time with Christians is super easy either, although I'd argue it is easier. What I am saying is that we shouldn't avoid being around unbelievers in our day to day life. We shouldn't just stay where it's comfortable. Consider that Jesus didn't stay where it was comfortable in heaven, but came where His enemy was and confronted, loved, and laid down His life for them. Let's be like that, and step out of the bubble.


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