Singleness - the Valuable Position

I've talked before about how singles are actually more busy than many of us only wanting to use their babysitting or cleaning services would like to believe, but I also mentioned that they may not be quite as busy in the social field, especially as they are getting older. That's why it's so important to call them up for social reasons too, not just to ask them to help us in some way or another. Well, this time I want to point out another aspect that I don't think singles are aware of how valuable their current position is: as available friends. 

It's not a secret that couples tend to flock together with other couples, and singles can sometimes feel out of the loop. Life's circumstances tend to bond us to others in like-circumstances, which can stink for the older single, since the singles pool keeps dwindling in number as the years go by. But I was thinking the other day about how thankful for even the couple of single ladies I know here that are willing to hang out when married folk just don't have the availability. Singles are the ones I think of for a sleepover when my hubby will be out of town. They are the ones I hope will join me at the camp ground when I can't do the hike Aaron's wanting to do. They are the ones that I ask to go get coffee with me randomly or join a group event last minute. And, to be honest, they are the ones that I call when I really need a friend to hang out with, and nobody else is available. Yes, their gift is that of being more readily available.

I was in that "available friend" position until I was almost 28, since I never even had a boyfriend to take up my time. I didn't realize the asset that I probably was to so many married women, just by being available as a friend. So, the reason I'm writing this now is to encourage the singles. Sure, you seem to get the low end of the totem pole again by being a servant in this area, but Jesus doesn't look down on servants. You're fulfilling a need RIGHT NOW in this time of your life. In my loneliest female moments I wish for a single friend that can just come over and do nothing, go garage saling or bake just for fun and talk about girl things that we care about. Don't underestimate what you can mean to someone; you're in a valuable position.


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