Practical Resources for Adulting

I'm all about practicality. You can tell a person they should build a boat all day long, but unless someone (that has learned from someone else) gives them some practical tips, the boat isn't going to come together very easily. That's why I decided to write this post as a way to give back some practical knowledge that I've received for "adulting." Do with it what you want; it's strictly resources that have helped us, and I wanted to share the wealth. And, no, unfortunately I'm not getting paid for this. :'/

1. News

World News Group ( has been a life-saver for me in the area of news. It is hard to find unbiased news, especially from a Christian perspective, and this one fits the bill. It is professional and full of integrity. It also is up-to-date on stories, and has good journalism, I would say to contend with the best. It does cost, but we find we don't mind supporting such a good cause. With our $5 monthly membership, we get to listen to the daily podcast, have a magazine delivered every two weeks I think, and have almost minute by minute updates on their website. The website feature is something I utilize often. You can choose cheaper memberships also. For a free 3 month trial, click here:

2. Insurance

Now, I don't think you have to have insurance from a Christian company if you are a Christian, but this is a good resource for some to consider, especially with the crazy Obamacare hikes going on right now. It is an alternative option. The ministry I'm referring to is Samaritan Ministries, although I know there are other Christian "insurance" ministries out there. You must be a Christian to join, and it is definitely different than your typical insurance company (btw, it's not actually considered insurance, although it passes for tax purposes). It's called a "share" ministry. You send your "share" each month directly to a certain member that has a medical need, along with a note of encouragement. When you have a need (which must be over $300 to qualify), it is often covered in full, with no deductibles. You can go to any doctor you like, which also includes midwives, doulas (up to $500), etc. If you're interested to learn more, contact me or check out the website: 

3. Family Devotions

Does your family have devotions? Maybe you'd like to start. Ligonier is a ministry of R.C. Sproul that delivers theologically sound Christian teaching to many, through radio programs, etc. When you support them on a monthly basis (at least $15 a month) you actually receive resources back for helping your own family to grow spiritually. You will receive a monthly devotional book with great new devotions and articles by many different teachers, as well as the message of the month on cd. We use the devotionals after supper, and they are the perfect length for reading around the dinner table together. To consider it further, go here:

That's all I'll share for now. I know we all have resources that help us in particular, while they may not be what another person needs. My intention is not to be legalistic, but helpful. Sometimes we are stuck in a rut, and a finger pointing where to go can be what helps us out.


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