Feeling Convicted

There is nothing more unsatisfying, yet more needed, than feeling convicted. I'm not talking about feeling conviction over just anything, but particularly for God's glory. We see conviction displayed in the Bible when King Josiah realizes his people haven't been following God's Law, and he does everything in his power to change that. Jesus shows it when he is mad about the Jews selling things in the temple of God, and overturns the tables. When I have it I can't understand why people don't seem to care about things that aren't right. When I don't have it I'm dull, and know that I have become one of those people that don't grieve over what grieves God. It is a horrible place to be at, stagnate, while I know at my core there are things worth caring about, including my own sinfulness. God-glorifying conviction bears the constant heart-wrenching realization that something isn't as it should be.

Conviction is a gift. In my clearest moments I recognize it as only available from the Holy Spirit. But sometimes it can feel like a curse, having an unsatiated groaning over this fallen world and our lack of caring. It's what drives me to want more from myself, and others that are claiming Christ's name. Conviction causes my blood to boil when I see people claiming to be Christians but not upholding Christian lives and principles. Conviction makes me want to set a fire under respectable, complacent people to act for good and to fight evil. 

In the end, I know that I can't write these articles well without it. I can't have meaningful conversations without it. I can't encourage my brothers and sisters in Christ to press on without it. While it's not the most fun to feel constantly uneasy over sin, it's much worse to be dull and unfeeling. So, I pray for more conviction. Without it we don't have the mind of Christ for this world, wanting to see God glorified in a place where He isn't. Conviction is our burden and it is our blessing. 


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