What's a Christian Citizen to do?

Politics flow directly from our worldview. We get so sick of hearing about politics, because it exposes what the people we live with truly value, and makes us painstakingly aware that there are very few that actually regard our worldview with value. I really feel like I am in limbo, politically, right now. What's a Christian citizen to do when there's not a single view out there that represents even 60% of what we hope to accomplish in this country? What good is a democracy if there's not a legitimate party or candidate worth voting for? As Christians, what are our choices? I'll at least speak for myself in the following situations.

The Democrats:
We could go to the "left," but in doing so we leave behind biblical values that are foundational, including allowing harm to be done to our babies, and condoning sexual relations that are strictly forbidden and called sin by our God. And along with that we compromise our churches and Christian business people to be forced into having no religious freedom. And this doesn't even mention the strangle-type hold the "left" tends to want to have on its people, with no wiggle room outside of government control, or the criminal character that's leading the future of the movement. No, I couldn't be a "Christian leftist." 

The Libertarians:
We could turn to the Libertarian Party, and try to find some hope for a good political decision in the infamous "leave, and let live" government style. Surely if we allow people to govern themselves more fully then everything will be solved, right? I believe I am a hippy at heart, so these kinds of thoughts resonate with me, and I even voted this way in the past. But I can't stand behind the current front runner of this movement that says it's ok for women to have a "choice" still in if they want to kill their baby, or that we should take away all regulations on what marriage really means. Perhaps these are the issues that boil my blood most. Deep down we all know, and must face, that we are a fallen sinful people, and to swing so far out of balance from the "left's" big government schemes is actually not doing us any good either. Until Jesus returns, it remains that there must be some regulation and punishment for crime, and the "leave, and let live" theme is not actually what will iron out our society. Left completely to ourselves, we will destroy ourselves.

The Republicans:
But then there's the "right," where we used to take refuge. What do we do when the "right" Republican party begins moving "left," and the hero leading it all is a brash, conceited, publicly sinful man that won't directly answer questions of his prospective policy? How do we rally behind that and honestly try to get people to join behind us in this "great" cause. We can't defend him when the "left" makes fun of him and says his ideas won't work, because we feel the same way. So, the "left" has a nasty candidate, but so does the "right."

I have no answers here. I feel disenheartened, and only wait on the Lord to show us what we should do. Perhaps part of His plan involves getting a nasty leader into office, in order to turn the hearts of the people to Himself. Regardless, He can be trusted, and we must do all we can to fight for what is right. The Christians during the Holocaust didn't give up praying and fighting for what they believed in, although it took years of brutality before their prayers were answered. But we can see how God's light shone brightly in that dark time. And we can trust that it will now too. Fight relentlessly for what God loves. Seek Him continuously over your desire for a country that honors Him as it ought. And then, beyond all reason and doubt, trust Him with what He is doing in this confusing and disturbing moment.


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