Selfies: Taming Down the Beauty

I've been observing the "selfie" phenomenon for a few years now. I've even taken part a few times. I'm talking about those pictures that come across your Facebook feed that include only one person taking an attractive picture of themselves. Somewhere along the line we discovered that when we stick out our arm (or selfie stick) to take our own picture, the angle, editing tools, and delete button are all at our discretion, and allow us to have full control of coming up with a great photo of ourselves. And what's left to do but share that gorgeous photo with friends and family? Seems innocent enough. Of course we always have a reason for posting another selfie; we'd never admit that it's to show off our pretty faces in better lighting this time. But we all secretly know, don't we?

I'm not going to bash this too hard, because I'm a girl and I understand the draw to want to look good in a picture and to have people notice your beauty. I just want to make a slight appeal to the perpetual selfie-takers that have convinced themselves it's all innocent and fun, and have become slightly addicted to getting more "likes" for their pretty face (or nice muscles, if that's your thing) each time they post a new selfie. 

Girls...guys for that matter, you really are beautiful. It's a shame most people won't appreciate that in your lifetime. If you are married, hopefully your spouse appreciates your beauty, even if it takes sending those selfies directly to their phone on a regular basis. But don't advertise yourself to the rest of the world. Believe it or not, there are probably plenty of us that already think you are attractive, but those selfies are making us think you are vain. In fact, the selfie is taming down your outward beauty by making your inward beauty appear to be not quite as rockin'. I don't know too many people that are attracted to self-absorbed people. Admit it, you aren't either. I can only conclude, after seeing someone that is constantly putting up pictures of only themselves, that they are actually being degraded one picture at a time, rather than confirming their beauty as they had supposed they were doing.

Show off your beautiful character by taking pictures of other people and displaying their beauty. That will make us think more of your beauty, because you don't feel the need to be displayed yourself. When we trust that our loving God is noticing how truly beautiful we are, it should give us the motivation to not need that affirmation of "likes" and comments. I hope the people in your life affirm your beauty, outside and in. Women especially need that. But if the compliments don't seem to be flowing in lately, don't resort to selfies; go to the Word to see what God thinks of you, His beautiful bride.

"Behold, you are beautiful, my love, behold, you are beautiful!" -Song of Solomon 4:1


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