Magnetic Love

I know that there's a lot of mystery to love and how people end up together, but I'm convinced that realizing how much you are loved by someone will seriously incline your heart to that person. Sure, there will always be the few weirdos that you just can't bring yourself to fall for, no matter how beautiful their sonnets are for you, but in general the thrill of knowing you are loved is like a magnet. It brings people together where only one party had recognized the potential.

I would even say this phenomenon goes beyond romance. I have a friend that has relentlessly loved me, even when I would've easily moved on and let go as the years went by. Looking back on this, I see that she is now one of my closest friends because she loved me and I knew it. That knowledge drew me back time and again, even when I was too dumb to care if the friendship flourished or not.

My husband isn't exactly a poet, but when he writes me a little note of his love, I keep it. I have these notes posted on my mirror, in the cabinet where my toothpaste is, in my wallet, etc. I suppose most lovers do that. We both kept our letters from when we were dating, and it's so fun to look back at them. But it's more than just for a good time that we do these things. The love expressed in all of these notes acts like a magnet, helping us to recall how much we are loved, and, like a chain reaction, fans the flame once again in our own hearts.

So, have you read your Bible lately? I only ask because it is full of God's precious love notes to His people. It's incredible that we have an entire book from our True Love, preserved thousands of years, just so we can experience again and again this magnetic love, drawing our hearts back to Him when doubts and confusion can sometimes seem greater in this barren world. One day we will be with our Love and not need a reminder that we are deeply loved, but for now He's given us a comforting tool, that great magnet that draws us back to Him, the Bible.


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