Would I Have Been Trans-Gendered?

When I was a little girl, I was always more drawn to "boy" things. I loved playing with ninja turtles and cars with my brother, my greatest dream was to be amazing at karate, and I absolutely hated wearing dresses. Dirt on ripped jeans was more my style.

If I had been born in more recent years to a more progressive family, perhaps I would have grown up to believe I was homosexual or trans-gendered. But, by the grace of God, I had parents that understood that some little girls go through a tomboy phase. They didn't allow me to hold hands with other little girls, or ever hint that I was different. They let me be a kid, and helped me to know God and his good rules. That helped me understand how God made me. Because of this intentional training, I naturally grew up to see that homosexuality was a sin. The thought that God made me that way never crossed my mind, because I knew He had set up boundaries for me. It was forbidden territory, and I trusted a good God.

I once had a friend tell me that she probably would have ended up being a lesbian if it weren't for the good guidance of godly parents. How shocking this was to me! She's one of the godliest, straight-forward women I know. But we have to be aware of how our culture is twisting the minds of people, even Christians. We are becoming convinced that a person that shows interests in what is traditionally seen as "boy" or "girl" things makes them gay or trans-gendered. And so we hint at it, subtlety, to those people in question, that perhaps that is why they feel that hole in their heart, because they haven't yet given themselves over to who they "really are."

You want to know why so many people have a hole in their heart? It's because they need a Savior, not because they are fighting who they "really are." Instead of muddying the waters of confusion, help the people in your daily life understand God's truth, and how He made them in His image, male and female, and set boundaries. Help them to embrace the truth of how God has made them to be, and point them to the One that can satisfy that lonely, confused hole in their heart. People need pointed to a Savior, not more confusion, so stand firm and show them the correct way, the biblical way, they should go.


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