Unfulfilled Dreams

Sometimes we can find ourselves looking back at how our lives have gone, and regret not doing this or that. Personally, sometimes I think back to how I almost went to cooking school after high school, but decided it was too expensive. Where would I be now if I had done that? How much fun and knowledge that would have gained me! Or maybe if I had actually finished college for Journalism. What opportunities may have opened up? And what if I had married in my early twenties like I had hoped to do? Only God knows how life would have looked.

But there is a blindness that comes with regret. Sure, we can look back with wisdom and make better decisions for the future. But there's also a trust in God that we have to have when looking back at how things could have gone. Sure, I could be an amazing chef now, but am I willing to trade that for the character-building events God had in store for me instead? 

We can rest assured that God designs our lives based on building character, not fulfilling dreams. Would I trade all of those hard times working at the nursing home for a steady and adventurous magazine-writing job? Probably at the time I would have. But looking back, those hard times I would've traded in the moment have been the most character-building. If I had married early on, I wouldn't have married my sweet husband that I met online when I was almost 30, and that's something I definitely wouldn't trade, although it was hard waiting and I would've preferred to bypass the lonely years while they were happening. 

Our plans seems great to us, and sometimes it's easy to look back with regret over what could have been. But that isn't the attitude of gratefulness for God's care. He knows what we need to make it to heaven looking more like Him. Trust Him for with those unfulfilled dreams, and thank Him for the path He lead you down instead. There's no one kinder to trust your days with.


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