To Boycott or Not to Boycott?

In light of Target's recent announcement of allowing people who claim to be transgendered to choose which restroom they'd prefer in their stores, there has been talk of boycotting. Maybe you're the type of person that sees boycotting as unneeded and extreme, thinking you can't change the tide of history with one simple act of not shopping at a certain store. Perhaps you think it is silly, since most stores probably have something you disagree with in the brains behind the machine. If we were to boycott every store we has a misgiving with, we'd have very few places to do our shopping, right? I'd like to tackle these arguments, in what I see as a timely discussion.

First of all, let me explain what boycotting is and is not. Boycotting is to "withdraw from commercial or social relations with a country, organization, or person as a punishment or protest (ref:" Notice that it doesn't mention acting hateful in speech or becoming violent. Alright, let's move on.

 My family, growing up, was one to boycott companies when we heard of something they supported that didn't coincide with our beliefs. I remember Disney hitting the list at one point for outspoken homosexual agendas. My mom just recently informed me that we were boycotting Bath & Body Works for similar outspoken views. Ha, although she may not realize I have my own choice as an adult, I'm not going to argue with my mom over these things, because I agree with her. There was a point that I boycotted Victoria's Secret for how they unabashedly advertise mostly naked, seductive women, regardless of who's looking. I got away from that for a while, because I like their products so much, but recently I've felt convicted again about how terrible their advertising is. Maybe it's because I'm married now and feel pained when the commercials come up with my husband in the room. I feel bad for men trying to stay pure that aren't asking for that, but there it is, without even looking for it. So, I've decided to once again do a personal boycotting of Victoria's Secret.

Does boycotting help anything? 
First off, I feel very strongly that boycotting is a great way for us to have a voice with companies that state their views loud and clear. These stores are out to make money, and if a large portion of their consumers have stopped giving them money, they'll start to listen. Just take a look at what happened recently with Land's End:( I believe that if a company is choosing to be outspoken about views that could potentially be disagreeable (or immoral advertising, etc.), they have to be ready for the consequences. I, for one, do not have a clear conscience about helping such companies thrive. And here we get to the very root of how you choose if you should boycott or not.

You may ask the questions, "How far do you go with boycotting? Does it last forever? How do you choose what to boycott?" I believe all of these questions should be answered by referring back to your conscience. As believers in Christ, our consciences are led by the Holy Spirit, and we are sternly warned to not grieve the Spirit. I would say that you should boycott when you feel grieved by something the company has done publicly, and hold onto that boycott until your conscience is clear to begin going there again. Only your conscience can tell you how long that will be. I would also suggest that you let the company know that you are boycotting them and why. But stay informed, and praise them when they make a move in the right direction. 

So, should you boycott Target for their recent transgender bathroom additions? Ask your conscience. Should you feel guilty for not boycotting every company that you know isn't a Christian company? Of course not! But should you consider boycotting a company that publicly affirms something that you feel very strongly is wrong? I would say, wholeheartedly, YES! Please consider it. Never go against your conscience, and don't forget that we all have a voice. If we feel we can't make an impact, what good will we ever do with our lives? 

Note: If you're interested to see the platforms that certain companies are publicly taking, visit


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