Thoughts on Homosexuality

I feel like I tend towards controversial opinions on this blog, so I thought, what the heck, let's just keep going down the same road of losing all of my friends. Just kidding! But I do want to say that these really are my own opinions, and I'm open for discussion. Perhaps this blog is mainly a way for me to think through things. I'm not trying to call anyone out. So, with that said, let's get on with the controversial topic.

I have been thinking about homosexuality lately, and the confusion our generation seems to be having with it. I think most Christians would say that the homosexual act is a sin, but then there is the question of if simply being a homosexual without committing the act is sin. Is it even possible to be a homosexual without the act? From what I have read and thought about on the topic, it seems like Scripture doesn't even give homosexuals a category without mentioning the actual act. 

A Comparison

I had a thought today that perhaps a comparison would help the confusion. How about if I said I was an adulterer (this is hypothetical), although I'd never acted on it ? Would it be right of me to claim such an identity for the rest of my life, just because I had allowed myself to become attracted to what is prohibited at some point in my life? Does that moment of weakness and rebellion define who I am, causing my new title to be "adulterous Christian"? Does it trace back to my DNA and my birth, to chemical imbalances I have no control over? 

I would say most of us would agree that sounds silly. Sure, there were probably things in "my" history that led me to give in to this particular sin, perhaps an unfaithful father, etc., but I would say the same is probably mostly true for those claiming homosexuality. Our rebellions are often molded by our experiences.

Our Identity

I think my biggest problem with Christians calling themselves "celibate homosexuals" or "gay Christians" is that it doesn't give a true showing of Christ's work. An adulterer without the act (or allowing their mind to wander to the forbidden area) is not an adulterer, but a faithful spouse. In the same way, I think I could argue that a homosexual that does not allow their mind or body to go towards the sin is actually just a forgiven person striving to please God, like all other Christians. Your identity is in Christ, not your sin. 


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