God Will Be There Too

"Light dawns in the darkness for the upright; he is gracious, merciful, and righteous." -Psalm 112:4

Sometimes I think we are afraid of the unknowns of the future unnecessarily. We look ahead and see possible pain and heartache, and our reaction is to ignore it. We act as if the here and now is the only reality, because it is too scary to face a dark place we don't know if we could handle. I was thinking this morning about this, and how I tend to ignore things that I think will scare me or make me sad. As long as I can keep the "now" happy and carefree, I have done my job.

But I don't think this ignoring reality is needed. There is a hidden truth that we miss when we think that we possibly won't be able to handle some event that may come in the future. We forget that God will never leave His children.

I began thinking about all of the missionary biographies I've read; the time of working with Alzheimer's patients; the times I've been in some of the hardest or darkest places of my life. The pervading theme with all of these things is that God, in fact, was near. Perhaps He even seemed nearer than on the average day. I thought of Corrie Ten Boom, and how God triumphed in so many hard situations in the concentration camp. I thought of a little Christian lady with Alzheimer's that I took care of that would cry with joy anytime I'd talk about Jesus. I thought about my time of singleness when I felt so alone at times, yet those were the times I felt most comfortable in my Savior's arms.

We are afraid of the future, because we imagine the big dark cloud that goes before the orcs, pervading any light or anything good. But this isn't how God works. His light shows brightest when it is dark. These thoughts encouraged me this morning. I don't have to fear or ignore the future. I can look forward with hope and joy, because I know God will meet me there, just like He's met me in every other step of my life.


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