The Gluttony of Excessive Exercise

"The one who keeps the law is a son with understanding, but a companion of gluttons shames his father." -Proverbs 28:7

There is a certain kind of gluttony that is very sneaky. You'd never know about it just by looking at the person. In fact, you'd think they really had it all together. But this kind of gluttony is still there in full force, even if it's ugly face isn't showing itself.

Gluttony in the Bible is something disdainful, and is considered a sin. It is usually associated with being a drunkard, and seems to lead to poverty. It is also considered laziness. What I am going to point out in this article will not seem like laziness. It doesn't necessarily lead to poverty. The gluttony I'm referring to is the gluttony of excessive exercise.

I should point out right now that I am speaking from personal experience, so if you feel like I am pointing fingers at you, maybe you should consider that the Holy Spirit in your own life.

How Does that Work?

There was a time when I was overweight. I ate things things that weren't healthy for me in excess, and didn't exercise. Then I started to learn about exercise and foods that are good for my body, and slowly my body began responding to the good I was doing to it. The one thing I didn't get a grasp on though was the "eating in excess" part. So, I learned to exercise a lot in order to keep my weight coming down and in check, and I could still eat the same amounts, although the food was the good stuff. 

The problem with doing life this way is that it isn't sustainable, and it isn't using our resources wisely. I was to the point that if I missed one workout my weight would go up. My weight was completely controlled by exercise, when really it should've been controlled by portions of food. 

Fears of Not Being Able to Exercise

I admitted my fear one day to my friend, "I'm afraid that someday when I get married and busier I won't be able to exercise as much." This was a real fear, because I hadn't learned how to control my weight without excessive exercise. My friend encouraged me to face it then. 

Well, I didn't really have time to face it then, because once I met my hubbie-to-be I found it hard to eat anyway (nerves), so the "facing it" bit didn't happen until I got good and comfy again after marriage. And that's when my fears started coming to fruition, and rightfully so. 

Life just gets busier as it goes along; it's inevitable. Workouts tend to become more scant, although you try to fit them in. After a slow progression of weight gain after my marriage, I knew what was happening; I was being forced to face my gluttony, and didn't get to hide behind excessive exercise anymore.

A Work in Progress

I am now realizing what we are doing to ourselves by using exercise as a crutch. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge advocate for exercise, and I think we absolutely should incorporate it in our lives. But I think it's mainly for healthy muscles, not controlling weight so much. When we use all of our time and resources to make this dream of looking and feeling good come true, we aren't doing it right. Yes, we need to exercise, but we need to do it in the correct portion. And yes, we need to eat good foods, but in the correct portion. I'm thinking that if we get this piece figured out, we'll look better longer, have more time on our hands, and be a better example to those coming along behind us.

If not exercising for a week or two is a scary proposition to you, perhaps it's time to think over how you are doing life, and get things back in balance.


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