Weight Flip-Flopping

Every American woman (minus the few unique ones) know the battle of their weight flip-flopping. My Romanian friend once told me that her Romanian friends just couldn't understand when she told them that she struggled with her weight. That's why I would say this is a uniquely Western trait, although I may be mistaken.

My Flip-Flop Journey

I know that it's been a real thing in my life. I felt a little chubby as a preteen (just a tiny bit) until I got my height right before 9th grade and became a rail (for real, think holocaust ;p). I went on to graduate high school 50 pounds heavier, but still looking pretty healthy. Unfortunately, I then went on to gain an additional 30 pounds before turning 21. Then, over the course of 8 years I lost  55 pounds. Now, here I am, 20 pounds up again.

Whew! That's a lot of highs and lows, and I, for one, am getting tired of it! 


What is the big secret to being steady with weight as a woman?

Well, I don't know secrets like that, but let me tell you a different secret: life is more than worrying about what we weigh, and we actually have a wide margin for what a healthy weight isIf you don't know what your frame size is, check this out

Sustainability in Exercise

I'm becoming more and more convinced that the correct exercise program is one that you can reasonably stick to for the rest of your life, without it constantly being on your mind. Seriously, fast walking is considered good exercise to do by doctors! That seems incredible to our Insanity, CrossFit, Marathon-running trained minds. "Surely we need quick fixes that give us six packs and make us look hot in a bathing suit!" Naw, ladies, let's just stop with that thinking. I don't mind if you're having fun making yourself into a Mulan-driven warrior, but it's not the requirement for health. 
Bottom Line: Get your heart rate up for about a half hour most days and challenge your muscles to work. It's not pushing yourself to the max, it's being healthy...and enjoying it! Our bodies are meant to move, so this is naturally a good way to entice our bodies. Don't fool yourself into thinking it's all or nothing. Remember the tile of my blog. Balance, my darlings.

Sustainability in Eating

When we feel fat, we feel inclined to just stop eating in order to fix it. I propose that as a VERY BAD IDEA. Don't starve your body; continually feed it good things. Don't even let it rely on the unhealthy stuff. Learn about good carbs(complex), the amount of sugar you should have per day (ladies, this is less than a can of pop!), drinking water like it's your daily...water. Discover what bad carbs are (simple) and stay away from them as much as possible. Try not to eat out more than once a week. Learn about good fats and bad fats and how to moderate them. Realize that fast food and Ho-Ho's (ok, I've never craved a Ho-Ho) only make you crave them once you eat them and don't make you feel full. Discover what foods make you feel full (fiber, protein), and always indulge in those during meals and snacks. Appreciate that God gave us veggies for a reason, and eat them with every meal (ahem, admittedly, I don't usually eat them with breakfast). 
Bottom Line: Don't stop eating. Eat real meals and eat good stuff. 

Help Each Other

Women have such a struggle with weight in this culture. Let's be friends to each other, and help one another along in it. Don't judge when one of your friends is gaining or losing weight. Come alongside them and talk with them and share your own struggles. Support them. Admit that you aren't perfect. Admit to yourself that it's ok if you don't look like a model, but don't be ok with being overweight and out of shape. 
There are too many important things in this life to care about without our weight ruling our minds. Let's be good stewards of our bodies, while concentrating on the things that last: faith, love, and hope in a risen Savior!


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