The Joy of Mental Solace

People sure have different ideas of fun, don't they? Some people love the stimulation of being surrounded by other people. Some people love to challenge themselves, either mentally or physically. Me? I love to think. Yes sirree, give me a window to stare out of or a good monotonous task, and I am happy as a clam. Of course, there can be too much of a good thing, but this is something that makes me feel happy. Maybe this way of thinking is why those adult coloring books are coming into style. It is fun to just have a simple task that you don't have to to think about. Then your imagination can run wild. These are the times that I come up with story ideas, or remember stories I've read. It's in these moments I can revel in memories. In the monotony I can think through things, such as how I should've responded better, how God has provided, or the different wonderful qualities people in my life have. 

Our Minds Need to Process

These thoughts don't come without mental solace. I feel stressed when I don't get this mental recess, knowing a vital part of how I process things is missing. My friend used to laugh at me when I told her I would come home from the grocery store and have to stare at a wall for a while to process all of the mental stimulation I'd just received (C'mon, Wal-Mart on a Saturday can be fierce ;). 

Adventures Lead to Better Mental Solace

I do love going out on adventures and being with people too. Those things provide my times of quiet with more material to enjoy thinking about. There was a time that I was looking at a National Geographic magazine, and came across a beautiful photo, entitled "The Quietest Place on Earth." I immediately knew I wanted to go there, and who I wanted to go with. The friend I invited is the second quietest person on earth, after me (hehe, just kidding, Ang ;P). So,  we set out for a week to this quiet place in Washington. All I can say is "Wow!" That was a trip we won't ever forget. It was so peaceful and utterly breathtaking. And, as promised, so quiet. Many of my mental adventures have brought me back there.

A Gift Worth Cultivating

I've often thought, if you want to torture me, you wouldn't lock me up in a cell alone for years. No, to torture me you would make sure my mind didn't have a chance to slow down and process and imagine. This is a gift from God, and one worth cultivating if you haven't put much thought into it before.


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