Singleness - Embrace the Awkward

Singleness is an awkward time, isn't it? Maybe not when you're two and single, but when you are 25 and single it can be awkward. Anytime there is another single of the opposite gender in the same room, there's this unspoken tension. You are both aware that you are of a marriageable age, and are either questioning if it could work out between the two of you, or hoping desperately that the other one isn't thinking that. Add to that the pressure from pushy happily married folks wanting others to be as happy as them (I have become one of these), and you've got a recipe for awkward. 

"Embrace the Awkward"

Haha, I remember one time I had a guy come to meet me for the first time in person. We went to a friend's house of mine. It was a couple, and they could tell things weren't going well with my blind date. When the guy went to the bathroom, my friend's husband mentioned it, and I said, "This is so awkward!" His emphatic answer, with hands spread wide and a big smile, was , "Embrace the awkward!" Ha, we got a good kick out of that later, but in the moment it wasn't so easy to do. I just wanted out of the situation.

Single and Looking

I've decided that being single and looking is nothing to be ashamed of. You've got to come to terms with the fact that in order to go from being single to married, you've got do a little looking and considering. It's ok if some dating attempts don't work out. They are not trophies for your shaming wall, they are courageous attempts at love. And love is definitely worth a little risk. 

A Little Awkward is Worth It

I only had a couple of dates before I met my husband, but they were filled with enough awkward to make up for missed time. But you know what? It was worth it. Even when I met my husband for the first time it was awkward. Nerves can do that to you. But don't let those feelings stop you from trying. Give people a shot, and go on a date every now and then if the person seems like someone you could like. You never know where it might lead. There are many ways to approach finding your spouse, but, in general, you've got to "embrace the awkward" in order to get to know if this person is worth pursuing further in a relationship.


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