Marrying "Old"

Ok, so my husband and I weren't that old when we got married; he was 30, I was 28. But we were definitely older than we had intended to be when we got married. My granny had married at 17, and my mom at 18, so I was thinking 19 might be the latest for me. My husband had plans to be married right out of college. Needless to say, what we thought would happen did, in fact, not happen.

As you can tell, we've always been proponents of getting married early in adulthood. I could come up with a whole article on why it's a good thing to pursue. But, I decided in this article I should focus on my own situation, and the advantages of getting married "old".

1) You know yourself better, as well as what you are looking for in a mate.

2) You, hopefully, are more mature, wise, and better at being diplomatic in arguments.

3) You are more established financially.

4) You appreciate each other in a way only prolonged loneliness can prep you for.

5) You have a chance to experience things and travel in unhindered ways.

6) As the Apostle Paul says, you can be fully devoted to God for longer, and not divided in who you are trying to please.

I could go into more detail on each one, but let's just make this a short read today. I love the idea of getting married early and growing together as a couple through life's ups and downs, but that isn't what God had planned for us. We praise Him for it, and the special blessings we are encountering because of our extended singleness.


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