Photography Inspiration #writingtips

I'm not a photographer. I don't even have a desire to be one. Embarrassingly, I got a D in my college Photography class. It just doesn't come naturally to me. But there is something about a good photograph that inspires me. The saying is that a picture can speak a thousand words. I've found this to be true. 

My leaning has always been more on story telling. I remember in my college Creative Writing class I would often find inspiration for a story by looking at a photo. There's a story the photographer knows needs to be told. That's why they are capturing it. I feel like it is a gift, like they are saying, "Here, I'm not going to say anything about this, but feel free to tell your own story." And it is really a lot of fun to attempt to tell it.

Isn't it amazing how we can appreciate arts that aren't our own, and even play off of them? 


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