Being Scared

Sometimes terror can begin to control your life. I've recently had to deal with being scared to be at home alone. It became ridiculous, I even knew it, but I couldn't seem to overcome it. As soon as my husband would leave for work in the morning, the darkness of our room seemed full of robbers and rapists. I inspected the gun at our bedside more than once to make sure it was properly usable.

I decided to be honest with my husband about how hard it had been for me. He couldn't relate. That's because my "boogy men" weren't real, but to me the fear was very real. As he would kiss me goodbye, saying there was nothing to be afraid of, I still couldn't shake it. I'd seen too many scary things on the news lately that just wouldn't leave my mind.

But, now that we've been talking regularly about how I am doing with it, I've been doing better. Here are a few things that I've found have helped me to not be so scared:

1) In the moment of being terrified, dwell on truth.
  • This is the moment when you want to call 911 and hide in the closet under a cover. It is the most insane-like moment of your fear, when you can barely breath because the bad guys might hear you. In your next breath, just whisper something that is true: Jesus died for me, there are angels guarding me, Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Father, light swallows darkness, God even created the bad guys and they are made in his image, etc. When you feel like you are drowning in fear, grab onto the lifeboat of truth, and don't let go until you are properly inside. This is particularly where Scripture memory comes in handy.
2) Don't allow your mind to go to scary things.
  • "Set your mind on things above." I've chanted that over and over when I can't seem to stop thinking about what could happen. The less I think about what could happen, and think about the real things in my life, the less scared I feel.
3) Keep the scary things to a minimum in your life, if you can help it.
  • Movies, news, etc. Don't watch more scary things things than you can, personally, handle. My husband is much more resilient than I am, but he has been very considerate lately in asking if I can handle watching certain things, or warning me about scary things to look away from. He also hasn't been telling me all of the latest scary news he hears about. 
3) Remember your hope, and WHO is really in control.
  • Putting a positive spin on the last one, remind yourself who the roaring Lion is that controls the whole universe. He loves you, hates evil, and will protect His own with a vengeance. Satan has no power compared to our great God. 
4) Praise God.
  • Worship songs remind you of truth, and strips Satan of any power he was trying to make you think he had through your fear. They make you bold and more in love, and they thank God for being your protection.
Make all of these things a prayer to God, asking him to not let anything have dominion in your life apart from him.


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