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The Sin Social Media Induces

Social media: it has some issues. Can you agree? Or perhaps a better way to put it is that we tend to have issues when we use it much. I feel saddened to think that many people use it as their main source of "friendship", because it is such a poor companion; a true place to find loneliness if we aren't having fellowship outside of its walls. It is ironic that people are getting lonelier in this age of booming social media, while their relationships are growing more stale by the day with those they actually live with. I know, because this was also tugging at me not so long ago. Beyond the problem of misplaced affections though, there is something more to be considered: the sin social media induces. Perhaps the biggest problem with social media, and I do think there's a problem that needs addressing, is that it brings out the worst in us. It's not that we can blame it for all evil in the world, because, the real problem is the sin in our hearts. But the…

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