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Offline 2018 - Social Media

Many of my regular readers will not even know I wrote this post. Maybe months down the road they will remember I once had a presence through my blog, and go search for it "manually" through actually typing in a URL. The reason for this, and why many will never read this, is because I have decided to go offline from social media, at least for a while. Facebook and Instagram have become wonderful avenues to get linked to just about anything you might care to read or see on the Internet, and I know that by going offline from social media my blog will take a hit. By not being able to share my latest posts to social media, only the most committed readers will venture to find my blog*. But this is a hit that I am finally willing to take. As Sheryl Crow says about not being in-the-know and being absent from social media, "I'm pretty happy here in the dark."
For most of us, the idea of venturing away from the social media scene is daunting. How will I keep up with my fr…

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