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Being Gracious to the Absent

There's something that I've tried to do since I was young: not say anything about someone behind their back that I would be embarrassed to say if they were standing there with me. I'm not sure if I originally had this idea explicitly taught to me from my parents, or maybe I just picked it up along the way as the right thing to do. The degree of my success in this area has been varying, but I do think I was better at it as a younger person. As life goes along, problems seem to increase, giving us many targets to consider as frustration points. Something that is dangerously satisfying is talking about those "frustrations", or people.
I Don't Gossip, I "Talk"
It's easy to think that we aren't gossips. That's such a Sunday school term that refers to people that have a real glaring problem, right? Surely, everyone knows who the gossips are in the group, and it couldn't be me and my friends. But I think we give ourselves too much credit. I&#…

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