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Be Gracious to the President

Anyone that knows me will not be shocked to learn that I have conservative leanings. So, when I say that we should have grace on our president, it might be met with some eye rolls, seeing as we have a conservative-leaning president currently. But I hope that what I'm feeling goes beyond any agreements or disagreements with political leanings. What I'm calling for lies in something that calls me deeper than politics ever could - it's Christianity. 
I used to hate watching the news because it was always depressing. I now also hate watching the news because it is full of drama surrounding our current president. As I said to a friend recently, Donald Trump is by far not my favorite person, but that doesn't change my desire for truth to not be twisted, and even for a little grace to be given to a human that happens to be leading our country - even if he does say/tweet some dumb stuff sometimes. Can you imagine if people dwelt on your downfalls constantly? Who could stand if …

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