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The Sin of Gender-Bending

If ever there was a time that a culture was encouraging the women to act like men and the men to act like women, it is ours, here and now. The feminists have convinced us that women should never need to be protected or cared for by a man, and to imply she might is to offend her at her very core - to assume she is less of a person than said-male. And nobody better even suggest that she might want to stay home to raise her children, rather than pursue a career. After all, why should she be expected to do anything differently than her husband, right? The gender-bending proponents would have us believe that women have nothing unique to offer to the home. Conversely, the effeminate male has become so commonplace that I can't even shop for makeup without being subjected to ads with guys showing off their false eyelashes and pouty pink lipstick. The thing to recognize is that I'm not necessarily talking about homosexual guys with the word "effeminate". "Girly&quo…

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