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Being Detached from Social Media

How long has it been since I've gotten off of social media? Over a month, I think. The fact that I don't know is a good sign that I'm not counting the seconds and so sad that it's gone! Here are some things I've discovered since clicking "Deactivate":
Social Media is much more insignificant than most people make it. I don't miss it like I thought I would. It took me a long time to finally get off*, but I now realize that it was more of a time waster than anything else.
I don't mind not knowing everything that's going on with everyone. As I talk to my friends now, I'm pleasantly surprised to find out I didn't already know about something happening in their life because I had read about it secondhand. It takes me actually seeking them out in order to keep up with their lives.
I'm much more aware that I need to reach out in order to keep up close friendships. Whereas, before I could just assume that everyone in my life would read a post …

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