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Surviving on One Income

I've previously written, rather strongly, about how I feel it is best if moms stay home to raise their young children. Perhaps I feel so passionate about it because I saw it from the child's perspective, growing up with a very busy mom that didn't have a ton of time for me. She was constantly worn out or busy. Don't get me wrong, she was/is a great mom, and did what she needed to; I absolutely believe that. But I still can't help but feel a little sadness when I think about all of the times I wish my parents had been available when they weren't. I know, I should just be grateful I was provided for and loved, right? And I am. But, that doesn't stop me from feeling uneasy when I see new moms, now my age, choosing the busy, full-time working life when they don't really have to. I feel for the kids. To be honest, I even feel for the teenagers, not just the young ones, that have moms that have lives that are too busy for them. So, although I'm learning t…

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